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Mark Hudson mvhudson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 06:12:05 CST 2010

BTW, regarding the discussion with the section hikers in my last post -
despite my poor wording - it was not a "food-chain" question, it was a "time
on trail" question :-)

Mike, just wanted to make another point about thru-hiker gear "settling in"
and not changing. I don't know for sure how much the internet has changed
the gear situation on the trail, but
back in "ye olde days" when we hiked there was all of about half a dozen
outfitters along the trail (and no internet). So it took a lot more effort
to change gear out (you had the REI phone
# but no catalog <g>), unless something was really failing most hikers would
just deal with it.

As for my base weight getting lower, I'm starting to think age has more to
do with it than experience! <lol!>

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