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Amy Forinash amy at forinash.net
Thu Jan 21 09:31:34 CST 2010

On Jan 21, 2010, at 10:24 AM, Felix J wrote:
> As someone who had section-hiked over half the AT before I thru-hiked...and, have section-hiked another 500-or so miles since, I can say that logistically speaking section-hiking is much, much more difficult. It is probably 'physically' more difficult, as well, because your body never really gets to get into hiking 'shape'.  (OBVIOUSLY this depends on how long your 'sections' are. I've done over 100 miles twice. 45-70 a few times. Generally 20-40 milers though). I think you need to be out 10 days or more...with at least a resupply...to get to a point that EVERY thing is in tune with each other: Gear, body, mind, hunger (cuz, it's really all about the hunger, isn't it?)  I think the 'on par with a thru-hiker' part is AT LEAST a two-part question: Mental and physical.  After 2 or 3 weeks your body is probably more capable of thru-hiking than your mind is. 

I have to be really driven to do a short section hike, because I know I'll never get past the first difficult days.  Work and home planning considerations aside, I definitely think it's easier and more fun to do a long section.  Although oddly enough I don't usually start getting blisters until a week or more in.  Maybe it's the detergent at the laundromats.


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