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Thruhikers have to put up with all kinds of weather, hike when they have been in pain for months, hike through all their issues. Section hikers can pick and choose when they want to hike a section, and pick the season they want to hike it, and if they feel bad, they can postpone their section. Their big issues are logistics and having to go out and "do it" year after year. Thruhiking is easier in some ways, you go out, you hike, and you are done the same year. Tough both ways, but Thruhiking ( in my opinion) is much harder mentally, and in my case physically (hurt every damn day). LOL. YMMV.
And once a thruhiker, always a Thruhiker (but you have to earn that title, you don't get it on day one).


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HotDog wrote:

>You're a "Thruhiker" when you finish... Until that point you are "Thruhiking". Never 

>considered myself a thruhiker until I was on Katahdin touching the sign.

I have a different take on it - 

If one is "thruhiking", then one must be a "thruhiker". Otherwise one would not be thruhiking. 

When one finishes, then one is technically an "ex-thruhiker".  

Unless, like me, one's mind never leaves the Trail. In which case, one is always a thruhiker.  


But keep in mind that, as one of my co-workers (for 25 years) once said - I'm different.  :)

Of course, YMMV.  


All these complicated discussions are gonna give me a headache. 


Walk softly,




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