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People along the trail ask if you are thruhikers, and the answer they are looking for is yes.

This reminds me of one time years ago when three of us were in the Sipsey Wilderness, but we got done a day or so before we were supposed to be in Birmingham for something.  We stopped at the Episcopal church camp (Camp McDowell?), and I asked my friend, the director, if there was space available.  There was a Women of Power meeting up in the conference center and several parish retreats going on down in the main camp area.  My friend gave us the "work boys cabin" for a couple of nights.  Everyone we met on the grounds asked if we were "Women of Power or the lost backpackers."  The answers could both be Yes or No.  We were women of power, just not Those "women of power".  And we were backpackers, just not Lost backpackers.  It was a very Felix-y time.  <G>


Humankind (be both)
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