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I always thought that "yellow-blazing" was road walking. 
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  Dog - 
  I don't fight with it at all.  Or about it.  And YOU are welcome to define it as you see fit.  
  BUT ... my reasoning is as follows (in ascending order of importance) -
  Note that da Gubmint (USFS, NPS) define "through-hiking" as walking "through" a National 
  Park or other Gubmint entity.  And a "through-hiker" as the warm body that's "through-hiking". 
  Present tense.  
  "My" definition was established in the Thruhiking Papers about 14 years ago as follows -
  IMO a thruhiker is someone who walks from Maine to Georgia (or Canada to Mexico) or 
  vice versa on one of the three major hiking trails in the US (i.e. - performs a "thruhike). 
  Pack or not, blue-blazes or not, supported or not, running, walking, crawling, in one 
  direction or both, North-to-south or vice versa, whatever - no restrictions EXCEPT -- 
  yellow-blazing (i.e. - hitchhiking or riding around large sections of the Trail) particularly 
  with no intent to go back and hike those sections. "Yellow-blazing" means that person 
  isn't walking and cannot, therefore, logically claim to be a "thruhiker". 
  For me, a thruhiker is someone who makes their best effort to "connect the steps" between 
  the two ends of the trail. 
  No implication of past tense.  
  Finally, common usage is that a thruhiker is someone who is presently hiking.  
  BUT - if your definition works for you, that's cool.  
  BUT - I have too many years of ingrained habit with respect to the word usage.  So I'll just have to 
  agree to disagree about it.  
  Personally, I think the important part was the final statement in that passage of the Thruhiking
  Papers - 
  Whatever definition you use for "long trail" or "thruhike" or "thruhiker", it's a very simple concept - 
  at least until the sea-lawyers and "hair-splitters" start tearing it apart. Don't let them confuse you. 
  Decide what YOU want, plan for it - and then go hike your own hike.
  Just sayin', my friend...
  Walk softly,



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  I fight with the word usage once in a while. People along the trail ask if you are thruhikers, and the answer they are looking for is yes. To others, everyone attemping a Thruhike is a thruhiker. But, if you are a Thruhiker in Georgia and you quit in Tennessee, are you still a thruhiker? No..... But that doesn't lessen your accomplishment. Anyone that gets out there is a winner to me.

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  HotDog wrote:
  >You're a "Thruhiker" when you finish... Until that point you are "Thruhiking". Never 
  >considered myself a thruhiker until I was on Katahdin touching the sign.

  I have a different take on it - 
  If one is "thruhiking", then one must be a "thruhiker". Otherwise one would not be thruhiking. 
  When one finishes, then one is technically an "ex-thruhiker".  
  Unless, like me, one's mind never leaves the Trail. In which case, one is always a thruhiker.  
  But keep in mind that, as one of my co-workers (for 25 years) once said - I'm different.  :)

  Of course, YMMV.  
  All these complicated discussions are gonna give me a headache. 
  Walk softly,




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