[at-l] But!....Women of Power and backpackers...."aFelix-y time"

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Fri Jan 22 12:50:58 CST 2010

I wondered when you'd wake up here.  <G>  I'm with you on the chocolate.  a Felix moment is sort of a surreal moment when you don't quite know what to answer.  You're the master of asking the non sequitur question.  You do it all the time, more so on Facebook nowadays, and we all scramble to find a follow-up response.  <G>  I'd love to be able to think like that.  It's a gift.  a'bear

Humankind (be both)

Rosalind Suit wrote: 
  Nice post, anklebear.....and I can just feel the Felix-y atmosphere when you were being questioned. Whatever the church camp retreats were ......"Women of Power" seems a very likely topic for all of us to keep in mind.  I think doing a thru-hike, or finishing a thru-hike, must be enormously empowering for any woman.  Certainly in the hiking community there are  numerous women of power.......mmmmm, now is that a Felix subject??

I sorta wonder what a 'Felix-y' time and atmosphere is. Must be what it's like all the time for me... except with more chocolate. 

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