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> Can you really use clear unleaded gasoline in a pinch?
> FrankenQweschunBoxenWalker

Once upon a time, starting in the summer of 1971, before I knew any better, 
I used regular leaded gas in my SVEA 123 until I was informed of the 
existence of Coleman fuel in 1975.  I set that stove in my spare parts bin 
in 1998 after many outings by foot, bike and car.  The leaded gas 
undoubtedly cut its long term performance and the white gas burned a lot 
cleaner, but it did work.  Therefore I suspect that unleaded gas would work 
with most of the white gas stoves, but I will not recommend it unless it is 
recommended by the stoves manufacturer.  That said; I have heard that gas 
formulated for internal combustion engines does not burn properly in a stove 
producing more CO and possibly other noxious byproducts.

Black Wolfe

Bruce W.

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