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> ...therefore I suspect that unleaded gas would work with most of the white 
> gas stoves, but I will not recommend it unless it is recommended by the 
> stoves manufacturer.  That said; I have heard that gas formulated for 
> internal combustion engines does not burn properly in a stove producing 
> more CO and possibly other noxious byproducts.
> Black Wolfe
> Bruce W.
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> Thank you. That is why I ask. :-)
> Frank


O.K. here is the results of some homework.


Unleaded gasoline is the same stuff you put in your car and is widely 
available throughout the world. It burns very dirty and evaporates quickly. 
Accidental spills can ignite very easily and violently. Avoid using unleaded 
gas because it should only be one of your last choices.

White Gas is common in the United States, inexpensive, provides intense heat 
after a brief start-up, and performs well in most weather conditions. White 
gas isn't available worldwide. If spilled it can be easy to ignite 
accidentally, but it does evaporate quickly.


And from; http://www.ehow.com/facts_5513437_fuels-used-camping-stoves.html

White Gas

·  White gas, also sold as Coleman fuel, is the most common liquid fuel for 
backpacking stoves in the U.S. It burns hot and clean. White gas is not 
common overseas and cannot be shipped by airplane, so expeditions to the 
greater ranges need multi-fuel stoves.

Unleaded Gasoline

·  When white gas and kerosene aren't available, most multi-fuel stoves can 
burn unleaded gasoline. Unleaded gasoline is a dirty fuel and usually used 
as a last resort.


And here is a manual for Optimus and/or SVEA stoves; 

Black Wolfe

Bruce W.

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