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FrankenQweschunBoxenWalker wrote -

>I've went this far to ask this question: Can you really use clear unleaded gasoline in 

>a pinch? I've never ran into anavailability problem, but curiosity has gotten this cat. 

>To the best of my knowledge, only BP/Amaco and Hess have clear gasoline, so the 

>question may well be moot. I'd also expect this to be a question not answerable by 

>the under-50 crowd. :-)


I've used "white gas" several times.  First time was on the AT, coming out of the 

Smokies I had to feed my Whisperlite something that vaguely resembled gasoline - 

it came out of an old, very rusty gas can and the owner swore it was "white gas".  

Not that I believed him, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  It burned very dirty, but 

got me into Hot Springs. 


On the CDT there was zero/nada/zip Coleman fuel in Chama. So I filled up with White 

gas at the gas station.  The only good thing about it was the price 17 cents to fill the 

bottle.  Well, OK - it worked.  That part was good.  But it burned dirty. 


There were a couple other times, but not many of them. 


Bottom line - I don't recommend it except as a very last resort.  It's dangerous, dirty 

and I hate cleaning the pot afterward.  


We use alcohol now.  Except in Canada where it's expensive and hard to find. 


Walk soflty,


PS - yeah, I remember the 2004 SoRuck. Good times.  :)


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