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Marsha Lee atrailhiker at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 23 05:59:53 CST 2010

It's going to be a full moon Ruck. 

We haven't circulated a list around, but if you're attending, could you please email with what you're bringing. 

We need:

Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, other available beverages
DINNER FOR FRIDAY:  pasta, sauces, breads, cheeses, desserts
SATURDAY LUNCH: Soup, Chilis, luncheon trays, ideas for Saturday's AT Museum Lunch Benefit
SATURDAY DINNER: Meats, casseroles, salads, desserts, your ideas 
Bakery Auction: Home made baked goods to benefit the AT Museum

Napkins, paper plates, utensils, cups, paper bowls, dishwashing items

Volunteers to assist in kitchen and clean-up around hostel. 

We have:

meatballs (Friday dinner)
1 soup, 1 chili
1 coffee, 1 creamer - large 
1 salad
3 desserts
1 appetizer


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