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I TOTALLY missed the email from NY Jim.  wonder if that happens a lot?. Been having trouble with the smart phone. May be time to reset and re-install the accessories. No biggie.
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The comparisons aren't apples-to-apples.  The comparison needs to be hiking/walking vs. snowshoeing, or backpacking vs. snowshoeing with a backpack.  And equivalent terrain, pack weights, etc.
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Frank asked if anyone had snowshoed 20 miles in a day. I responded the I had hiked 20 miles per day and I had snowshoed but never the two together then I got wondering what the difference in exertion would be. Having done both activities I know that snowshoeing is more strenuous. There is a site I frequent <http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/calories.htm> for such calculations and I went there to check it out. I put in 200# and 60 minutes as the parameters then figured 2mph to complete the 20 miles totally 10 hours. The result was 6670 calories burning backpacking vs 7620 calories for snowshoeing or 14.24% more energy required for snowshoeing. So if you try it... take extra food.

P.S. I'm not clear how they calculate the energy burned (something to do with oxygen consumption I think) but I notice the, some though not all, of the activities are tagged "Taylor Code". I've tried without success to find out what that refers to. Anyone know?

Jim Bullard
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