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Jan Lite liteshoe at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 22:08:27 CST 2010

Well, since we're telling war stories, I lost my wedding ring almost
immediately, planting blueberries in the fall.
I went to my friends the jewelers and got another, slimmer version that
didn't iritate when dirt got under.
Would probably work for hiking too.

Gold is over $1100 an ounce right now! Ought to buy ya a ramen or two.

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Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 19:16:23 -0500
>From: Jim and_or Ginny Owen <spiriteagle99 at hotmail.com>

>Jim lost his wedding ring on the PCT last year, about 1/2 hour after he
complained about how loose it was.  When he hikes, he always loses a lot of
weight.  Usually the ring goes into his wallet (plastic bag) before it
disappears. > >Then he just has to worry about the ring cutting a hole in
the bag.  He had memories of how upset I was when I lost my ring, twice,
while stuffing leaves into leaf bags.

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