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> Gold is over $1100 an ounce right now! Ought to buy ya a ramen or two.
> ------------------------------
> Let's start a conspiracy theory. Somewhere in Switzerland, there are some
> bankers who spent years slowly buying up tons of gold. Then, through
> thousands of fronts and back channels, they got this Kenyan guy elected. Fox
> News fans everywhere start buying up all the gold they can afford (and
> more), sending the price of gold to an all-time high. Then, shortly before
> November of 2010, they pull a Hunt Brothers and sell it all. They get rich
> beyond anyone's wildest imagination, gold drops to $50.00 an ounce, and it
> costs $20.00 to buy a loaf of bread.
> Whaddaya think? Think we could sell the idea to Glen Beck? The National
> Enquirer? Maybe I should just post it to the list in mid-October just to get
> everyone's input.
> Your call,
> Frankie

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