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You know, a fellow tries to tell a stupid joke around here and people take it serious. Notice the 2300 time stamp with the link?

But I still like Rock Dancer's answer. :-)

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The view is taken from a spot to the East, I don't think it's from near I-95 since the highway is about 30 miles from the mountain. From the view I think it's about 10-15 miles from the mountain.

The main features from left to right:

Baxter Peak with the Knife Edge pointing to the camera. Chimney Peak is the eastern terminus of the Knife Edge, visible almost directly below and a little to the right of Baxter Peak. (The Table Land is not visible, so no AT).

The long ridge from the highest point to a low point then goes to the summit of Hamlin Peak, a 4000 footer. The flat ridge continuing from Hamlin is called Howe Peaks.

At the very far right is a summit that looks in line with the others, but it's not. It's South Turner Mtn, on a ridge parallel, and closer. South Turner is just N of the Roaring Brook campground in Baxter SP.

BTW, you are looking into 2 glacial cirques here. The one formed between Baxter and Hamlin is called the Great Basin and contains Chimney Pond with the cabin & camping. The next cirque is composed of Hamlin and the Howe Peaks, called North Basin. Parts of Hamlin & the Howe Peaks wall are rock-climbing areas. Parts of the Great Basin and used for Winter Ice-climbing.

Hope that helps. --RockDancer
(who has not climbed anything in the park, but only admired the rock as I walked on it!)
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