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> From: Lee Parker
> My experience has been that in the mountains in deep snow one mile per hour
> is about the average. It is possible to go faster, but not likely.
> Lee I Joe
> ------------------------------
> Which brings me back to the Andrew Skurka thing. He is on record talking
> about routinely doing 20 mpd on long hikes on snowsoes. That still just
> blows my mind.

Yeah that kind of mind blowing but there are gonzo hiker types who do that
sort of thing. His site says he only carries 8-10# in his 3 season pack. No
mention of winter weight but I didn't look that hard. Hey, he's 28 and nuts.
I'm 65 and only semi-nuts. If he wants to push things that hard, that's his
choice. I'm not trying to prove anything either to anyone else or even
myself, except maybe that I'm smart enough to know my limits.

Jim Bullard
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