[at-l] wedding ring found on AT, last chance

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Sun Jan 24 19:12:50 CST 2010

We have never found a wedding ring, but anyone who does much hiking will come across some interesting finds.

This week Gutsy found a like new Mountain Hardwear Goretex rain jacket and I used it today while hiking 10 miles in the rain.   
A few of the many things we've found while hiking-- 
AT Data Book, several years old but we still use it--near Springer
Like new Ridgerest sleeping pad--near Springer 
Mountain Hardwear down jacket, in good condition--in VA
Patagonia long johns caught on a bush on a side trail heading down from Mt. Washington.  They later summitted Mt. Rainier with me. 
Travel bag for toiletries.  I use it for travel, but not for hiking.
floppy hat
about five abandoned cheap tents, 5 different times and places--AT and Foothills Trail
Two large garbage bags full of food abandoned by Boy Scouts--Muskrat Ck Shelter.  We donated to a hiker box.
One of the most exciting finds was an unopened can of black olives that we added to our one pot meal!


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