[at-l] Snowshoeing VS Hikng

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Sun Jan 24 19:55:38 CST 2010

From: Jim Bullard <jim.bullard at gmail.com>

Hey, he's 28 and nuts. I'm 65 and only semi-nuts. If he wants to push things that hard, that's his choice. I'm not trying to prove anything either to anyone else or even myself, except maybe that I'm smart enough to know my limits.

Jim Bullard
I'm with you, Jim. I hope to do the trail in 6 months. That means a lot of 14s and 16s in central VA to make up for 10s earlier and later.

I would love to get through the entire hike saying that I resisted doing a 20, even once. That's for later thrus. However, I know me well enough to know that I'll probably have to do it at least once, just to say I did. Or maybe for the endorphin level that you can only get from REALLY pushing it. Right now, I can get that in 12. I doubt that will last forever. :-) God willing, this will not be my last long trail hike. I intend to enjoy every minute of it that I possibly can. But since I've learned to enjoy walking in the rain (NOT heavy thunderstorms, please.) my latitude of enjoyable conditions has greatly increased.

If I can avoid having to nurse wife or parents, I'd REALLY like to increase my hiking from the current average of three months per year to six. If you enjoy something that much, you should do something that much. I firmly believe that the fact that I will have lost about 35% of my body weight by hike time will make the formerly high injury rate go down enough to make that possible.


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