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Jim Bullard jim.bullard at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 20:21:17 CST 2010

I can do 20 mpd hiking or I should say I have done that. Probably could
again after getting in the groove of daily hiking. Not sure I want to. I
have a habit (good in my eyes, bad in the eyes of those who want to get from
here to there) of stopping to spend time photographing stuff that I see.
Plays heck with mileage but I enjoy myself and I hike to 'be there' and
enjoy it, not to get somewhere else. If I were doing a long hike and hit a
boring stretch I might do 20 or more miles but again, I can find interesting
photo subjects almost anywhere.

Six months is about 12½ miles per day. Take a day off now and then and 14mpd
will get you there.

Jim Bullard

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> From: Jim Bullard <jim.bullard at gmail.com>
> Hey, he's 28 and nuts. I'm 65 and only semi-nuts. If he wants to push
> things that hard, that's his choice. I'm not trying to prove anything either
> to anyone else or even myself, except maybe that I'm smart enough to know my
> limits.
> Jim Bullard
> http://jims-ramblings.blogspot.com/
> -----------------------------------
> I'm with you, Jim. I hope to do the trail in 6 months. That means a lot of
> 14s and 16s in central VA to make up for 10s earlier and later.
> I would love to get through the entire hike saying that I resisted doing a
> 20, even once. That's for later thrus. However, I know me well enough to
> know that I'll probably have to do it at least once, just to say I did. Or
> maybe for the endorphin level that you can only get from REALLY pushing it.
> Right now, I can get that in 12. I doubt that will last forever. :-) God
> willing, this will not be my last long trail hike. I intend to enjoy every
> minute of it that I possibly can. But since I've learned to enjoy walking in
> the rain (NOT heavy thunderstorms, please.) my latitude of enjoyable
> conditions has greatly increased.
> If I can avoid having to nurse wife or parents, I'd REALLY like to increase
> my hiking from the current average of three months per year to six. If you
> enjoy something that much, you should do something that much. I firmly
> believe that the fact that I will have lost about 35% of my body weight by
> hike time will make the formerly high injury rate go down enough to make
> that possible.
> Frank
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