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You don't improve your debating skills when your first point of argument goess something like "Only stupid people think like you do." Just something to think about.

## I didn't say this.  Don't play the poor little Frank with me, it won't work.  If you didn't want an arguement you wouldn't have started this.  You poke and poke and poke and I let it go.  All I was saying is that corporations are made up of people.  I'm one of those people and I have tried my best to be a good corporate citizen.  As a corporation I paid taxes.  I feel those taxes gives me the right, as a corporation, to try to influence how they are spent.  Some folks pay a lot of taxes, some folks pay very little, some suck off the teet of society, we all get a place at the table.


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Clyde, read what I say, not what you think I say. Let me repeat it for you.

I do not believe that corporations should have more power than individuals. That implies neither good nor evil.

The Roberts court has made it completely legal for foreign governments and corporations to flood the airwaves with electioneering commercials, therefore seriously affecting American elections. That DOES imply evil.

Surely you would not disagree with that statement, unless you've got caught up in this "NO" thing, would you? If you have gotten to the point that it's an automatic "If That One's for it, I'm again' it," then there is no possibility of discussion. You have stopped thinking. If the only way that you can score points is with ad hominem attacks, you're not really scoring points. You're just stealing the ball.

Actually, considering the tone of your last post, we're probably already there, and it isn't close enough to November for me to be in a mood for histrionics yet.

And don't worry. We all know that y'all are gonna take it all back in '10 and '12, and things will be back to normal, okay?

You don't improve your debating skills when your first point of argument goess something like "Only stupid people think like you do." Just something to think about.

Heck, just be satisfied that high school diplomas aren't required to have the right to vote. Take a win however you can get it!

Now, I know that there is too much here for you to leave un-answered. Unlike some friends of mine, I'm not insistent on having the last word. Jump right in, but try to make it logical, okay? I never wanted this argument, and I'm through with it.

I knew after Shoe accidentally Kellied that reply last night that something like this would happen soon. (No biggie.) And it was a 1 in 4 that it would come from you. And if it did, there was a 100% chance that it would be, uh, bombastic. That's just how you roll in these matters. :-)

Your move. Have fun!

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Evil Corporations is really funny.  I'm guessing that 65 percent of folks work for corporations.  Corporations are pieces of paper.  I owned a corp for 24 and a half years. I contributed to candidates and the republican party every one of those years.  I also donated more to the boys and girls club then most of the folks reading this made in those 24 years.  Frank, if your gonna talk shit, try to do it with a narrower brush.


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Jim, before they're through, the Roberts court will do more harm to the country than has been thought of yet. And that's not politics. I'm talking about things like removing protected status for lots of places we hold near and dear.

I could see a lawsuit being brought that gets to the USSOC that totally takes the teeth out of the National Scenic Trails Act. Up to and including the forced return of lands siezed by eminent domain acquisitions. All it will take is the right plaintiff with enough money, coming up through the correct Federal court district. It could happen. I really hope not, though.

As I said, this isn't about politics. And for future reference to whoever may not know the difference: I AM NOT A LIBERAL!!! I just believe that people should be put before corporations. Oh well.

Hug a tree for Thomas Jefferson.

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IMO The Bill of Rights was intended to protect the freedoms of individuals. Corporations are not individuals and money is not speech. Yeah, I know they are virtual persons for liability purposes but that shouldn't extend to everything else. The next thing you know they'll be granting them the vote. Same goes for unions as far as I'm concerned.

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Are you referring to the Unions?

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You mean the same guys that, only last week, gave corporations the right to buy 

all future elections? Those guys? Right...

Jim Bullard






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