[at-l] Snowshoeing VS Hikng

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Sun Jan 24 20:38:12 CST 2010

Frank wrote _ >I hope to do the trail in 6 months. That means a lot of >14s and 16s in central VA to make up for 10s earlier and later. Good strategy, Frank >I would love to get through the entire hike saying that I resisted doing a 20,> even once.  Tried that – it worked until Virginia.  After that……… >However, I know me well enough to know that I'll probably have to do it at >least once, just to say I did.  Did the first 20 in Virginia, then all the way through PA/NY/CT. Mass through Maine was back to 12 to 15’s.  Didn't want to finish.   >I intend to enjoy every minute of it that I possibly can. But since I've >learned to enjoy walking in the rain (NOT heavy thunderstorms, please.) my >latitude of enjoyable conditions has greatly increased. Good attitude.   >I'd REALLY like to increase my hiking from the current average of three months >per year to six. If you enjoy something that much, you should do something >that much.  A friend once had a poster in the office.  The message was: God made the Earth one quarter land and three quarters water.  His intention was clear.  Work one quarter of you life, and sail three quarters of your life.  Good attitude. In our case, substitute "hike" for "sail".  >I firmly believe that the fact that I will have lost about 35% of my body >weight by hike time will make the formerly high injury rate go down enough >to make that possible. It WILL help.  Go for it.  Walk sfotly,Jim


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