[at-l] Polly Tics on the list

grey.owl at comcast.net grey.owl at comcast.net
Mon Jan 25 09:24:29 CST 2010

The last that I looked this was a hikin list; yet everybody likes to sit around and snip 
at each other about politics.  I have a half dozen other mailing lists were I talk about 
politics, but I don't talk about hikin.  What is the confusion?  To make it even sadder, 
there was not one logical discussion about the last flame war.  It really saddens me 
that the general standard operating procedure  is to put the mouth into gear before 
one puts their brain into gear.  One of the great tenants of democracy is each 
individual educates themselves and form their own opinions, not to parrots someone 
else's opinion.


Bob who will soon be in Vermont.

Oh, by the way, the scientific discussions are also pretty pathetic also.

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