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Some additional information:

My sister is Dianne Koch and she works for Caritas Christi Health Care in Boston. They have linked up with Hopital Sacre Coeur in Milot, Haiti. Milot is near the N shore, 80 miles from Port-au-Prince, and 10 miles south of Cap-Haitien, a big coastal city. They were, before this, a 70 bed hospital. I just visited their website at http://www.crudem.org/. (This a Ludlow, MA non-profit that provides the website.)

Update from Saturday, 23 January 2010 mentions
"To date we have received approximately 250 severely injured patients from Port au Prince. Of those who have been treated, 20 have been discharged and a further 20 are in the process of being rehabilitated into the community to make room for additional patients arriving.  Patients are still arriving by road in addition to the 7-8 helos per day (total of 42 airlifted yesterday).  The helos are landing late into the night and the orthopedic and general surgeons and their teams work past midnight.  Medical volunteers are working night shifts to provide follow up care.  An additional high school has been taken over to use as a ward for acute care and hospitalization.  There are now three schools in the community that have been turned into hospital wards and triage.   

At present there are 50 volunteers, one of our regular volunteer teams of 7 led by Dr Gashti (general surgery) arrived today and a medical team of 11 (orthopedic team#4) arrive tomorrow and also a team of 9 from MA.  With the additional volunteers and space, we are still willing and able to accommodate another 100 patients."

(me again)
The "9 from MA" include Dianne.

Personal note: I'm not one to advocate making donations to anything, as I consider it your own private matter. I have no idea how your money would be used if you were to donate to this organization.

They have a set of photo galleries, nothing bloody or too graphic:
I was surprised, in myself, to see an American flag on one pilot's shoulder and felt a surge of pride! (and me a hippie from the '60's!)

Some pictures have all these little clues about how they are managing a heavy client load where the kids can't speak for themselves and the volunteers can't communicate. So 1 kid has a patch taped to his forehead saying "Open FX Tibia R leg, *DANGER*". Another child has her injury on the front of her dress along with phone numbers and addresses. I guess they want to get this little girl back! <smile>

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