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Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Mon Jan 25 22:00:16 CST 2010

Friday is the 13 year anniversary of this....13!!!!

This ain't nuthin', and a lot of it. 'Delete' keys at the ready...:

I was sitting in Thomas Knob S. one lonely November eve. I had just 
watched the sun go down from the rock behind the shelter, and was 
climbing to the loft. I heard the longest continuous string of profanity 
ever laced together. About 10 seconds later, here 'it' came. He entered 
the shelter pack-first, slamming stuff to the floor. I'll spare the 
softer ears the full discourse of profanities which dotted his every 
sentence, but I will say he was angered by something.

Yes, I was frightened. I said "You okay?"
"I'm standin' ain't I?" he grumbled.
"Barely" I said, because I'm a smart-ass and thats what a smart-ass would 
say. I stand true to my colors.
He looked at me and winked. I don't know what the wink meant to him, but 
to me it meant count your blessings and get your butt upstairs. I did. On 
my way up I asked if he needed anything. He said nothing. I was glad.

I got into my sleeping bag, stomach tied like a lariat. I hoped he would 
stay on the lower floor, but with the winds picking up, I didn't think he 
would. I saw the light of flames dancing on the walls and began to relax 
a little. He was cooking something with the aroma of a rubber-fire, and I 
didn't want to know what it was. After an hour of clanking, cussing, and 
cooking, he headed up the ladder. I tried not to look at him or his gear. 
I couldn't help, no matter how I tried, but notice that his sleeping bag 
was an old cotton, rectangle bag with the Double-Mint logo on it. 

I was begging my smart-ass to stay down. And, for possibly the first time 
ever, it did. He wrestled around a bit and finally crawled into his 
gum-wrapper bag. I blew my candle out and laid back, staring out the 
window. After about 15 minutes of psuedo-silence, I said "Where you 
"Paris" he said, matter-of-factly. Well, now I know there are several 
states with a Paris. I know there's a country with a Paris. Do I dare ask 
which? No.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"
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