[at-l] Happy 100th Birthday, Granny D

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Mon Jan 25 22:24:20 CST 2010

God love her!
That will be me at 100, god willin'

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>DUBLIN, N.H. (AP) ? A New Hampshire woman who walked across the country a
decade ago to publicize the need for campaign finance reform and hasn't let
up since is turning 100.

>Doris "Granny D" Haddock of Dublin turned 100 yesterday, but will celebrate
Thursday when a variety of speakers honor her at a Statehouse ceremony.

>Haddock was 89 when she walked 3,200 miles to draw attention to campaign
finance reform. At 94, she ran for U.S. Senate against Republican Judd
>Gregg. Since then, she has been attending weekly meetings of the
Citizen-Funded Election Task Force, created by the Legislature to develop
proposals for public funding of state elections.

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