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If you ever wondered about trail work in Florida, you can check out the latest F Troop efforts at the link below.  F Troop is a volunteer vacation, usually 3-5 days long.  Florida Trail Association usually sponsors several during the winter.  Volunteers get their meals and a place to camp, usually with showers (in our area).  

I'm right proud that the photos include my sweetie, Jon Phipps (tan long pants, navy check shirt, white beard), and my son, Greg Norris (tan shorts and black tee with yellow design).  I'm not in the photos as I spent the day cleaning, setting up tables and chairs, making appetizers, setting up a buffet line, filling coolers with beverages, etc.  Our FTA chapter traditionally sponsors a lasagna dinner for any F Troop crew working in our area.  I've hosted the dinner since we started having F Troops in our area; my house has always been the closest to the work sites.  Other members bring lasagna, bags of salad, brownies & bars, and garlic bread.  (And best of all, some great gals always end up being kitchen angels at clean up time.) 

You'all come sometime!

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