[at-l] F-Troop Fun in Florida-- remembered

Rosalind Suit rosalind.suit at verizon.net
Tue Jan 26 10:05:11 CST 2010

Nice photos of the F-Troop in action, Joan.  Took me back a couple of years!!  And that included the famous Lasagna Dinner at your home.....what a lovely treat that was.  

How can anyone resist those pix of standing in mud/muck to install g-awful heavy beams as a paradise/vacation treat??  Beats me !!  I thought it was bloody marvelous!!  And I treasure the memories and my pix of those days.  

The Florida Trail will one day be as well-known and loved as the AT.....IMHO.  I'm so glad that trail crews like F-Troop are flourishing.....what an opportunity for all those healthy young hikers out there looking for another adventure.  Doing trail building is certainly an adventure!!

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