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Wed Jan 27 16:12:51 CST 2010

From: Felix J <AThiker at smithville.net>

> You could always take 'em into the sleeping bag with you. Put 'em down in the footbox and they'll be mostly or totally dry by morning. And no, they don't get your bag wet.
Depending on the conditions/situation, I will put them in a plastic bag 
and put that in the bottom of my bag. I generally do that, in fact. 
They don't dry in the plastic bag, do they? Putting wet stuff inside your comfy down seems counter-intuitive, but I trust OB and he suggested it about five years ago. Works pretty good.

Even in worst-case, with a spare pair, both sets have two nights to get dry before you wear them again. And it's really nice to put on dry socks in the morning, even if they're just gonna get wet again!

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