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  Hello, my name is George, aka Wandering Soul.  I have been a lurker on this list for the past 3 years, posting very rarely.  I attended SORUCK ‘08, and I have been attending Gatherings since ’03, preparing for my dream of thru-hiking the AT.  Thought it was going to be ’09, until work told me in December(!) of ’08 that they wouldn’t grant my leave.

  I have enjoyed the information I have gleaned from this list, and the characters here are one reason I love the hiking community.  It’s good to be different; I’m proud of the fact that my work thinks I’m weird for enjoying being in the woods for several days and enjoying what they consider the hardships.  They just don’t know the incredible joy of it all.

  Anyway, enough background.  The reason for this e-mail is because I am planning to hike the Long Trail this Summer.  I am planning on leaving the last week in June, and returning by July 23rd or before.  Should give me ample time for this adventure.  I have no qualms about hiking alone (been there, done that, prefer that) and I have done multiple days before, but not anything of this length.  Also, I am in the process of reading LiteShoe’s book “The Ordinary Adventurer” (a must read!), and it made me realize that it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a hiking partner.

  So, if there is anyone who would be interested in sharing this adventure with me, let me know.  I can share more of my planning for those with an interest.

Wandering Soul

It won't be easy to find as fine a hiking partner as Liteshoe had. 

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