[at-l] health better

RockDancer rockdancer97 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 1 18:26:14 CDT 2010

I'm now over my illness and can now do physical activity for the first time in a long time. Any of you who saw me at the 09 Gathering might remember I was in poor shape. That illness continued to mid-June.

I've started a conditioning program to get back into shape. Already I've made the rounds of local short hikes on Mts. Watatic, Temple, Uncanoonuc, Pack Monadnock - and I've started to ride my bicycle. What a great change after being reduced to resting mid-flight on a set of stairs. I was ill 275 days... I'm glad to be back!

Arthur Gaudet (RockDancer)
Lowell, MA
Rockdancer97 at comcast.net
"The vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true."

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