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Mon Jul 5 19:23:43 CDT 2010

It's been a while since my last update.

While I have no further travel plans for the near future, I have finally
updated my web site to include journals from Southeast Asia, Central
America, South America, Antarctica, and Easter Island.  These are the
cleaned up, easier to read version of those entries originally sent to my
TravelsAndTrails Yahoo group.  I've even added a journal from a 1992 trip to
Paris that never got sent to my Yahoo group.

You can find all of these reports at


Within these reports are reports of hiking trips, from short day hikes, to
overnighters, and a few multi-day backpacking trips.  These run the gamut
from an overnighter on Volcan Picaya in Guatemala, a week in Torres del
Paine in Chile, and day hikes at Fitz Roy in Argentina and in areas of
Southeast Asia.

Volcan Picaya, active when I was there (nothing like roasting marshmallows
over a hot lava river), is the one that erupted again at the end of May this
year disrupting air travel and causing the evacuation of towns in the area.
 I was actually traveling along the Ring of Fire and other geophysically
active areas and had a great many experiences with active volcanoes,
fumaroles, calderas, and more on these trips.

I'll be adding more informational pages soon and will send another update

Happy reading,

Stitches, AT99

Visit my Travels and Trails web site at:
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