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Can't recommend anything near Zermatt but if you don't find anything closer,
check out Arosa.  The train trip from Chur to Arosa is spectacular.  I
actually walked the road in one direction (I think it was 20km downhill) and
took the railroad in the other.  If I remember correctly, there were a lot
of waterfalls to see along the twisting winding road.  I think it was a
little-used dirt road 1987.

Once there, my hostel put me in touch with a local guide who brought a small
group of us on a long day hike up Medergen Flu (sp?), a local mountain.  I
was the only one who didn't speak German so had to learn that "Achtung
Rokslide"  meant "attention rockslide": in case someone dislodged a rock.

In addition to a safety rope (not to tie into, just to hang onto for one
short stretch), there were long sections of stairs to descend, snow fields
to glissade down, and ibex to watch.

Looking back, I probably shouldn't have done that hike, then.  I wasn't much
of a hiker and thought jeans and a t-shirt were appropriate.  LOL.
 Thankfully, the weather was fantastic that day and I had no problems.

Have fun wherever you end up,

Stitches, AT99

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> if YOU had two days to spend in Zurich, where would you take your hiking
> shoes?...
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