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Is "squish" the right word to use when referring to TP?


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The short rolls squish nicely to fit into zipper lock sandwich bag.
Black Wolfe
Bruce W.

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Won't the short rools take up a lot of room in your pack?  I suppose you could put then on your hiking poles but then they wuld get dirty.  Better than nothing, I suppose.  Take the paper off the cardboard rolls and put it in waterproof envelopes.   
Jack Skylander

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Back in the mid-'90s when I was planning on hiking in '98 I saved short 
olls.  The through hike got busted, and I am still using up those short 
olls on section and weekend hikes.

lack Wolfe
ruce W.

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rom: "Art Cloutman"
> I've always used Klenex pocket packs of tissue.  One packet lasts me
 2.5 days.  I had some sent to me while on my thru hike in the
 resupply mail drops.  worked out great.  No bulky roll and I was able
 to ration it out effectively.  I even had a spare pack to loan to
 those less prepared or in intestinal distress.

>I don't know that I've ever heard or seen of a place along the trail
>that sells toilet paper 'by the roll'.  Or, in lesser quantities. Does
>anybody know of
>a place that does this?
>Felix J. McGillicuddy
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