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Leaves are about the only thing I used along most of the AT, once they were 
out for the summer.

About the only thing the Acer pensylvanicum (a.k.a, Striped Maple, Moosewood, 
Moose Maple) is any good for.  And it's every where in high elevations in the 
Appalachian Mountains from northern Georgia to Maine.

Nice soft, slightly fuzz underside leaf.  Just right for the intended use.

Why else would Got have created such an otherwise useless tree, kept it small 
were you can reach the leaves, and adapted it to grow along the AT, if not for 
hikers to use?



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I always strip out the tube from inside the roll, pull some paper out from the 
center, then put the whole thing in a zip lock bag with a little silica gel 
pack thingy in it.  When I use it, I just unzip and pull that paper from the 
center.  That way, you don't have to take it out of the bag each time.  If you 
use leaves (carefully selected!) for wiping after pee-ing, the roll lasts a 
long time.  a'bear

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