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### I did that for years at Trail Days and Gatherings... Maintenance staff in the state office building would daily pluck the roll remainders from the bathroom stalls and put them on top of the dispensers (or just throw them out!), so I had a daily harvest. I'd collect 'em (a *big* box), and then the boys and I would stroll around the campgrounds some morning bestowing TP-gifties on hikers as we'd pass. Some were unmoved (so to speak), but some were like, "Whoa! Cool! Thank youuuuuu." (Sounds like they had had their adventures in the TP realm already....) The boys had learned early what TP meant... (and what *not* having TP meant)...


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You could give them to hikers as a sort of "Angel" gift.



You had 12 years worth of short rolls?  Whoa! 

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Back in the mid-'90s when I was planning on hiking in '98 I saved short 

rolls.  The through hike got busted, and I am still using up those short 

rolls on section and weekend hikes.

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