[at-l] Phew Relief

Carla & Dave Hicks carla_dave_hicks at verizon.net
Sat Jul 10 09:50:15 CDT 2010

Good for you!

We only got 0.09 of a inch, last night. They were calling for an inch or more. 
First rain in weeks.  No more in sight until next week-- then only 30%-40% 

We have a six + rain deficit for year-to-date -- and that's with a surplus in 
the late winter & early spring.  Un-real!

Everything seems to pass just to the north or south of us.  We have been bone 
dry while the NORA automated weather station (which is about a mile from my 
house, as the crow files) has recorded rain (which I could see passing by). 


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Cold front coming through.  Heavy rain. 2 inches in 20 minutes.
Great for the gardens and lawns.  Tough for hiking in the Whites.
But you know what they say about getting to Maine.  Morning low today
was 75 degrees and very sticky.  Temp has dropped in 10 minutes to
around 70.  Yea!.  I know it will not last.

Life is Good!!!
Art Cloutman
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