[at-l] Phew Relief

hopeful_2003 at comcast.net hopeful_2003 at comcast.net
Sat Jul 10 11:48:17 CDT 2010

After being behind by about 7 inches, Harrison, TN got some relief yesterday. Maybe an inch. Last night I decided to go walk my stay-trail-worthy route over our neighborhood hills. Once I was a mile or so from home it started to sprinkle. I debated on turning around but my 03 experience kept me from it. It is a sure thing that I might mildew but I wont melt. Well, at 1.5 miles from home the bottle fell out. It was dark and getting foggy; the cars didn't seem to see me as they didn't pull to the center of the road like usually do. This made me decide to turn on my light and head for home. 

At first the water on my bald head was a little cool. As I got soaked, there was a noticeable chill but in no time it was actually refreshing. I never have gotten used to wet socks and squishy insoles... wonder why that is? Hopeful 
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