[at-l] What kind of stove to take on the AT

Ryan Crawford m2b1 at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 13 09:20:04 CDT 2010

Not so sure I wouldn't use a wood stove anymore.  I've been researching the 
idea of woodgas and the stoves they are making out of nothing more than a 
couple of tin cans is incredible.  Nice boiling times from nothing more than 
some down tree branches as big around as a #2 pencil.  Doesn't take much 
fuel/wood and can easily cook your breakfast/supper.  You don't have to 
carry the fuel weight with you and the stove weight is very light as well. 
If anything goes wrong it's not that hard to replace the entire stove for 
nothing more than eating supper and saving the tin cans.

Call it simplicity.


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