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Do they still allow hikers to camp across the road from the Inn? I camped there in 03; it was windy and cold that night and I was sure glad to have a warmer sleeping bag. I had sent my summer fleece home because it just wasn't doing the job. On Glastenbury Mt I had vowed to get to the next town, Manchest Center, and buy something to keep me warm until I could get to Glencliff. It was a good camp, the shepherd pie at the pud wasn't bad either. 

Last August I hiked LT north to south. Some place a mile or two north of Maine Junction I lost the trail because of the logging going on. The path was crisscrossed with roads made for the skidders, there were wheel ruts 3 feet deep and at least that wide. The whole woods was torn up and sappling trees covered the ground. After about 170 miles of walking in the woods, the logging operations were disheartening to me. That the path was obscured was more than a little irritating. 

After 30 minutes of trying to relocate the LT, I broke out my map and compass and selected a gravel road that lead south out of the mess. By the time I got to US 4, I was way off to the west from Sherburne Pass so I hitched from there into Rutland to get my mail drop. When I hitched back to the trail I was not out of the car for 10 minutes before it set in raining for the rest of the day. Does it ever not rain on Killington?  Hopeful ...who has been hiking around the neighborhood trying to make it rain.
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