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RockDancer rockdancer97 at comcast.net
Tue Jul 20 12:15:34 CDT 2010

Whew, it was a fun weekend traveling to the Whites to help out some hikers!

Saturday - went for a short dayhike to the top of S. Moose Mtn, from 3-Mile Road. This is on the AT just E of Hanover, NH. Camped at a hiker site in the woods, nice evening with few bugs and both Barred Owl and Short-Eared Owls calling.

Sunday - went to W. Hartford, VT to meet Felix & Pilot, to bring them to the start of their hike. While waiting at the store I got talking with an older-than-me gentleman, he was Klipspringer who thru-hiked with me in '97! Small world, he's been heading N from Harpers Ferry, hiking with 2 other guys who are nobo thru-hikers, forgot their names.

Headed to Gorham to drop my hikers and then headed to Crawford Notch for the night. 3 hikers came out of the woods near dark and all wanted to sleep indoors & have showers. First we tried the private campground on rt. 302 but they no longer have a bunk house. Next was the Shapleigh Cottage bunkhouse at the AMC's Highland facility, but too costly. Finally they got bedded down at Above the Notch, 8 miles away from the trail.

Monday - on the way back, noontime, I was passing through N. Woodstock and head the afternoon weather report calling for severe weather. I detoured up to Kinsman Notch and found Megalodon looking for a ride to Lincoln. Nice kid, turned 19 on the trail. In good shape, no complaints, and grateful for a quick ride before the T-storms started hitting the area.

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