[at-l] Chlorine dioxide tablets: Potable Aqua vs Katadyn Micropur

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I prefer Aqua Mira liquid. I use it when filling up in the evening. However waiting the 5 or so minutes after mixing is annoying when out on the trail during the day. 
Then I prefer to use either of the two types of chlorine dixide tablets. Just fill up the bottle & drop in a tablet & keep on hiking. 
OTOH if you want to take a break waiting the 5 minutes can be okay. One trick I learned from Yogi is to save a mixing top, that way you can mix for two bottles at the same time.

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OK....I want to get one or the other tablet, *not* a liquid. 
So far I have one vote for each of the tablets, but they didn't 
say whether they had tried both and *why* they preferred one 
over the other.  I may have to toss a coin.  

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