[at-l] Chlorine dioxide tablets: Potable Aqua vs Katadyn Micropur

Carla & Dave Hicks carla_dave_hicks at verizon.net
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Does anyone have a print out of the current product's recommended 
wait/treatment times for chlorine dioxide-- at different temps & water 

The one I have (from some time ago) shows:

15 minutes for viruses and bacteria in 60F and visually clear water
30 minutes for crypto and / or giardia in 60F and visually clear water
4 hours for crypto in 39F and dirty water and acidic (or low pH)

I think I had one that also showed the wait/treatment time of around 30 (or 
45) minutes for cooler (typical spring water temps).

I know the instructor, in one of the wilderness 1st Aid course I took, 
recommended against chlorine dioxide for winter hiking -- because of the 
extended wait/treatment times in cooler weather and the fact that many hikers 
never read past the "60F and visually clear water" part of the instructions.

So, I'm wondering if the wait/treatment times have been revised.


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However waiting the 5 or so minutes after mixing
Just fill up the bottle & drop in a tablet & keep on hiking. 

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