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Hi all,
Sometimes I'm asked by the hikers what's the best place to go. This is only the 2nd time, in 3 years, that hikers wanted to try Above the Notch. I've brought a few to Johnson's Motel, in Twin Mountain, since those folks are nice enough to bring hikers back to the trail.

This year seems different so let me know if you hear of what works/what doesn't, as far as hiker overnight stays in N. Woodstock, Twin Mtn, Crawford Notch and Bartlett. Over the years it seems that there are fewer options and the options are more expensive.

This year the Shapleigh Bunkhouse at the AMC Highland Center is $38 (for bunk & shower), $58 for full service (includes dinner and breakfast).

The Crawford Notch Campground (private campground, not the NH state campground) is no longer hosting hikers in their bunkhouse. I suspect the place changed hands once again since last year. This year they are running the bunkhouse as a "family bunkhouse" and want to advertise it that way. They have no service to get hikers back to the trail.

Dry River Campground (NH State Park) charges $25/night for up to 6 hikers. They have hot water in the bathrooms but I'm not sure if they have showers.

I've heard that Chet's place, in Lincoln, is open this year, but have no details. No other option in Lincoln or N. Woodstock that I know of.

In recent years more and more hikers are staying at the White Birches in Shelburne instead of going into Gorham. Hikers report a good experience these last 3 years but it's a hassle to go to town for food. Gorham has also lost their only supermarket (Shaws) so long-term resupply is either at WalMart or ??

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