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### What a pleasure it is to read these reports and updates from RockDancer, tj, Grey Owl (who sounds like he's just *digging* it!), ... Chainsaw watching our bees, Navigator and Bluetrail watching our southern approach....... it's sustaining, is what it is....


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> Hi all,
> Sometimes I'm asked by the hikers what's the best place to
> go. This is only the 2nd time, in 3 years, that hikers
> wanted to try Above the Notch. I've brought a few to
> Johnson's Motel, in Twin Mountain, since those folks are
> nice enough to bring hikers back to the trail.
> This year seems different so let me know if you hear of
> what works/what doesn't, as far as hiker overnight stays in
> N. Woodstock, Twin Mtn, Crawford Notch and Bartlett. Over
> the years it seems that there are fewer options and the
> options are more expensive.
> This year the Shapleigh Bunkhouse at the AMC Highland
> Center is $38 (for bunk & shower), $58 for full service
> (includes dinner and breakfast).
> The Crawford Notch Campground (private campground, not the
> NH state campground) is no longer hosting hikers in their
> bunkhouse. I suspect the place changed hands once again
> since last year. This year they are running the bunkhouse as
> a "family bunkhouse" and want to advertise it that way. They
> have no service to get hikers back to the trail.
> Dry River Campground (NH State Park) charges $25/night for
> up to 6 hikers. They have hot water in the bathrooms but I'm
> not sure if they have showers.
> I've heard that Chet's place, in Lincoln, is open this
> year, but have no details. No other option in Lincoln or N.
> Woodstock that I know of.
> In recent years more and more hikers are staying at the
> White Birches in Shelburne instead of going into Gorham.
> Hikers report a good experience these last 3 years but it's
> a hassle to go to town for food. Gorham has also lost their
> only supermarket (Shaws) so long-term resupply is either at
> WalMart or ??
> Arthur Gaudet (RockDancer)
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> dragon."
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