[at-l] Fw: next generation stove is here...

Carla & Dave Hicks carla_dave_hicks at verizon.net
Sat Jul 24 12:34:11 CDT 2010

That oxo/propane stove I built for the water boil-off at the PA-RUCK years ago 
not withstanding, I'd like a stove that can simmer and has a good fuel use 
ratio to usable BTUs.

Also not keen on carrying glass in my pack.

AS always, YMMV.


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Trust Youtube to break the story...

This is the Alcjet Krakatoa prototype. Trail-weight models are due out this 
fall, but prototypes are being tested on the AT, PCT, and CDT right now.


Boils water (.947liters) in 14.5 seconds. Quick enough for ya?

Expected retail is $14.95

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