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        It is a good thing for me that you posted this message.  I 
turned on my cell this morning to make sure it had a charge.  Usually 
I get no reception at my house but found a text from Felix from Thurs 
saying he had sprained his ankle and was a day behind.  Your message 
confirmed that situation.  So I headed north to try and meet him at 
Franconia Notch.  There are a couple of places where the trail can be 
accessed in the notch.  I tried them both but found no signs of Felix 
and Pilot.  I talked to some people coming down from Liberty Springs 
Tent site.  Two gals claimed they saw them but expected it would take 
them awhile to reach the notch because of Felix's injury.  So I 
started up the trail.  I checked my cell for messages and realized I 
had reception so I gave them a call and left a message.  Then headed 
up Liberty Springs Trail (AT) for around 1/2 hour when I got a call 
from Felix.  They must have come down while I was checking the other 
trail access point.  They were in N. Woodstock doing laundry.  I 
backtracked to my truck and drove to town where I met them at the 
Alpine Inn.  We went to lunch at Peg's then across the street for ice 
cream.  We stopped at Wayne's for some resupply then headed back to 
the trail.
      There were several hikes at the trail head.  One thru hiker by 
the name of Lefty from North Carolina  got off the trail at Delaware 
Water Gap to spend a few days hiking with his two buddies.  They 
planned to hike up Mt Wasington but some one convinced them to do 
part of Franconia Ridge instead.  They had a car  in the Lincoln 
Woods Parking lot on the edge of the Pemi Wilderness.  So I drove 
them back to there car.
      Just after the call from Felix I met a solo thru hiker named 
Pixie.  She had dyed bright red hair and was wearing dark blue 
leggings.  She left Springer on March 17th and was having a wonderful 
hike.  She said she was surprised at how much harder the Whites were 
than the trail before Mt Moosilauke.  No more 20+ mile days for 
awhile.  I suggested she slow down for the Whites to enjoy the 
amazing views.  Chances are this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 
Why do it fast make it take as long as possible.
      As you can see I had a great day.  And I got to be Gabby again 
for a few hours.  With a little luck I may be able to hook up with 
Felix again later in the week.


>I heard from Felix at 8:30 this morning and they were at Galehead. 
>He is hiking on a hurt ankle. I doubt they will make Moosilauke 
>tomorrow...too many miles in there.
>On Sat, Jul 24, 2010 at 9:31 PM, Art Cloutman 
><<mailto:Art at crystalacresnh.com>Art at crystalacresnh.com> wrote:
>I'm heading out tomorrow morning to see if I can meet Felix and Pilot
>on top of Mt Moosilauke.  I plan to do a loop hike and spend the
>evening with them on the trail.  I'm out of shape and out of sync as
>to packing my stuff.  I have packed and unpacked two different
>backpacks but I'm still not sure if I'm bringing the right stuff.  I
>suppose it really does not matter since it will be only one night.
>Hope he is on schedule or else I will have spent all this time
>figuring out that it doesn't make too much difference. I'll write you
>a report on Monday.
>Life is Good!!!
>Art Cloutman
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Life is Good!!!
Art Cloutman
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