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Jan Lite liteshoe at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 22:40:35 CDT 2010


How you doing, woman? I am still here, but running behind, as always.
I deleted the kellygoins email addy, so I hope you're still reading here.
Find me on facebook: Jan Liteshoe
(Same with any of you on FB).

Here's the short version: I've been kickstarting a farmers/local food co-op
Check it out:
Our project also just won a expense-paid scholarship to the Slow Food
International gathering Terre madre in Turin Italy this October. Woohoo!
Some days my back kills me too.

>> How has everyone else been? What have I missed? Tons, I'm sure... Is that
>> Wingfoot crazy-ass OCD control freak dude still around? What about that
>> Felix
>> guy? And that good for nothing Sly? (LOL - Just kidding, Sly) ..... Oh!
>> And
>> Jan! I still talk to Jan via email, but haven't heard from her in a

"The Ordinary Adventurer"
A new backpacking adventure book
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