[at-l] OT: The trail of my life

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Keep your spirits up rainy days always end, and the sun shines again.  I did 
2 miles on the treadmill this morning 80 degrees at 7:00 AM with 80 percent 
humidity whew.  It has been that way for 2 months now.  I can not see a darn 
thing, does not matter if my car runs or not I can not drive it anyway use 
public transportation if you live where they have it.  A good book is better 
than TV any day.  Sometimes I feel like a dog begging people to take me for 
a walk in the woods, but life is still good.
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Did an end run around that doctor and got MRI results...and
found out I DO have a rotator cuff tear. And...I have shingles,
my wonderful dentist gave up her practice, my TV's acting a
bit flaky and my car's keyless entry gizmo isn't working, even
after a battery change. So goodbye living independently,
goodbye trail work & good bye extra income...for maybe a
year. Bummer.

So...how was YOUR day?

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