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I gotcha on Facebook, girl! 

I would LOVE to do a local farmers/local food co-op here. It would be for us city folks.... I'm currently bugging our HOA to use a piece of the park in our hood to grow food. For a small price (and pitching in to help) I think we can make a real go of it. 

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell y'all! That Chinese man that I've been living with for a hundred million years? I MARRIED HIM! Hee! After 15 years, I finally decided to marry his sweet ass. Don't ask me when because I can never remember... It was a couple (three?) years ago. We celebrate our anniversary on January 28th. That's when we first hooked up.... lessee..... (does some math....... ) OH DEAR GOD! 18 FRIGGIN' YEARS AGO! 

God, I'm old. Good thing I'm still hot. ;) 

Oh yeah.... My former boss, Charlie Kaplan? I worked for him for umpteen years as his paralegal and then ran his campaign for two solid years while working full time at the law office... Well, he didn't show up for court one day and so I drove to his house, fully expecting him to be hungover and oversleeping, but he hadn't overslept. He had died. I found him in bed, looking so peaceful I thought he was sleeping. 

I now work for another Judge... The Colonel Edward H. Merrigan, Jr. He's currently on active duty with about 240 troops spread all over the world. He did a tour of duty in a combat zone in Iraq and is a decorated vet. He's awesome. Anyhoo... HE's got an opponent for this years election so I'm back out on the campaign trail. I also campaigned HARD for our current pres, and I'm actually thinking of making a career out of it. Seeing as how I got Charlie, Ed and Barrack all three elected... ha ha! 

Okay, that's me... Sorry to ramble off topic. I need more coffee. 

Have a super magnificent awesome day, everyone!


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How you doing, woman? I am still here, but running behind, as always.
I deleted the kellygoins email addy, so I hope you're still reading here.
Find me on facebook: Jan Liteshoe
(Same with any of you on FB).

Here's the short version: I've been kickstarting a farmers/local food co-op here. 
Check it out:

Our project also just won a expense-paid scholarship to the Slow Food International gathering Terre madre in Turin Italy this October. Woohoo!

Some days my back kills me too.


>> How has everyone else been? What have I missed? Tons, I'm sure... Is that

>> Wingfoot crazy-ass OCD control freak dude still around? What about that

>> Felix

>> guy? And that good for nothing Sly? (LOL - Just kidding, Sly) ..... Oh!

>> And

>> Jan! I still talk to Jan via email, but haven't heard from her in a while.

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