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Art Cloutman Art at crystalacresnh.com
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I used a bivy in the northern section of my thru hike in 2004.  You 
should never completely zip it closed for the very reason you 
mentioned SUFFOCATION.   You can zip in the bug netting.  I chose to 
put a small tarp over much of the bivy to  help keep out of the rain 
and snow.  It worked very well for me and added a considerable degree 
of warmth.  Since I was finishing up at Katahdin in late October the 
weather varied considerably.  Most nights I did not need the bivy I 
just slept under the tarp.

>Bob Quinn wrote:
>>I just got a bivouac bag, never had one before.  When I got in, and 
>>zipped it up it was really stuffy.  Has anyone ever heard of  a 
>>person suffocating in one of these things when it is all closed up 
>>as it would be in rain or snow?
>I always thought people were already dead when they put them in 
>those things...so, suffocating wasn't much of an issue...
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