[at-l] North in July

Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Sun Jun 6 05:11:11 CDT 2010

Frank Looper wrote:
> I'm going to try planning an AT hike this year one more time. Where is 
> the furtherest South that I could start North and not melt like a 
> cheap candle?
> The last time I went North and Summer hiked, I found out that Maine is 
> a bear of a place to start. I just wasn't ready. This time, I want to 
> give a shot at getting my legs in a little better shape before the 
> greens and whites.
> I was thinking NJ. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?

What do you mean by 'melt'? From the heat? Or, from the 'work'?  How far 
you planning on hiking?  Because if I were going to start a long 
section-hike and I could go anywhere, it sure the heck wouldn't include 
NJ and NY.  I'd skip up to at least Kent, CT. Maybe even on up to Great 
Barrington, MA. I believe that some of the best hiking on all the Trail 
is in VT. Not too much of anything...but, a little bit of about 

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